Cinema Dreams Become Reality

At The Academy at American High, we believe in turning dreams into art. Meet Kayla Skipper, a young filmmaker whose project was made possible through our support. Inspired by her grandmother, her poignant film explores memory, loss, and the journey to find peace, and it’s a testament to the power of filmmaking. Discover the magic of turning dreams into cinema with Kayla’s touching story.

Supporting Emerging Talent

Kayla Skipper’s short film project needed a financial boost, and The Academy at American High was there to provide it. By contributing 15% of her project budget, we helped Kayla bring her vision to life, showcasing our commitment to empowering young filmmakers to make their dreams a reality.

Film Festival Excellence

Selected for both the AfroSouth Film Festival and the 13th Charlotte Black Film Festival in 2023, her project has garnered recognition and acclaim. This achievement demonstrates how we’re turning students into filmmakers, helping them shine on the big screen.