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Immerse yourself in the world of entertainment, connect with industry professionals, ignite your creativity, or volunteer your expertise with us!

Internship Programs

Dive into hands-on experiences, learn directly from industry professionals, and gain a firsthand understanding of the business. Whether your passion lies in development, creative media projects, or on-set action, we provide riveting opportunities to accelerate your growth.

Development Internships

Evaluate screenplays, refine your feedback skills, and prepare for script-related roles in the entertainment industry through this invaluable exercise in film comprehension.

Creative Internships

Gain hands-on experience across various creative disciplines. Learn to excel in script breakdowns, marketing, editing, industry outreach, and more.

Production Internships

Immerse yourself in the action, with opportunities in departments like props, production office, art, AD/general set PA, and more. Build practical skills, network with pros, and see filmmaking in action.

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Become An Instructor

Lead one of our workshops giving insight to the various roles in the world of entertainment. If you’re skilled in any aspect of the industry and eager to mentor emerging talent, volunteer to become a virtual workshop instructor!

All of our workshops are made free to current interns and are offered to students at a discounted rate. Sharing your expertise can make a lasting impact on participants as they explore the countless career paths available in media!

Previous Instructors Include….

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Attend an Academy Event

Become inspired at our events, which include guest speakers, professionally led workshops, AI-enhanced media courses, screenings, and so much more. It’s your chance to connect with other enthusiasts and engage in the ever-evolving landscape of entertainment.