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Since 2018, we’ve been a dynamic hub for aspiring media professionals, connecting with 40+ colleges nationwide and providing hands-on experiences to over 900 interns. Our alumni thrive in the industry, working with giants like Netflix, Disney, and more.

Beyond that, we’ve actively engaged with our community, doing everything from producing face shields during the pandemic, to funding student films, to offering inclusive studio tours. So that we can continue to nurture the next generation of talent, we’re seeking your sponsorship!

Our Remarkable Impact

On top of educating 900+ interns, we have hosted 500+ audience members this year alone for film screenings. We’ve given dozens of studio tours to participants of all ages. We had over 120 participants in our 2023 summer workshop series.

From script analysis to hands-on production experiences, we provide the experiences that allow big dreams to be actualized. Our alumni have been invited to work on Hollywood sets, ventured into entrepreneurship in AI-enhanced media, and worked in creative roles with companies like Netflix, Disney, and more.

Energizing the Arts in Holly-Cuse

Syracuse isn’t just a city; it’s a rising hub for media and entertainment, in large part due to the success of American High. We take immense pride in our role in our city’s growth, and, while our influence extends worldwide, we’ve firmly rooted ourselves in the Syracuse community.

Our studio space, which we share with an active BOCES wing, serves as a nucleus for local connections. We regularly welcome local colleges, high schools, and diverse arts groups for studio tours. Moreover, we continue to actively contribute to Central New York’s local community through donations to local fundraisers and events, as well as by lending our space to nonprofit projects such as WCNY’s Entertainment Academy training initiative.

Connecting Education and Entertainment

At The Academy, we’re dedicated to closing the gap between education and the often exclusive entertainment industry. We offer all opportunities for free to American High and Academy interns, with discounted rates for students. It’s important to us that anyone and everyone is able to make powerful connections in the field of their passion.

Your Support Matters

Support can come in various forms. Instructors change lives through providing hands-on experiences. Volunteers leave their mark on the ever-growing media world. And donors build the direct paths into the industry that impact the lives of people across the globe.

$1,000 in donations offers 20 students or interns access to one of our workshops, completely free.
$5,000 provides essential tech to those in need, breaking barriers to industry entry.
$9,000 funds our immersive AI-enhanced media workshop series for a month, expanding horizons for future media professionals.
$14,000 can help us to fund an entire student film, sparking the journey of a lifetime for the next big name in entertainment.

All contributions, big or small, fuel our mission to offer enriching experiences, broaden outreach, and empower aspiring visionaries nationwide. By donating, you become part of our story forever.

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This summer alone, we’ve provided over $10,000 of free education, molding the media stars of the future.
Join us and ignite the future of entertainment today!