Marshall’s Dream Takes Flight

Meet Marshall Sepello, a 9-year-old with boundless creativity and unwavering courage. Born with serious heart conditions, Marshall didn’t let anything stop him from pursuing his dream. With the support of Make-A-Wish Central New York, American High, Syracuse Studios, and The Academy at American High, Marshall’s wish to become a superhero became a reality. From a comic book concept to the silver screen, his vision soared.

A Superhero Tale Like No Other

“Marshall Man” isn’t just another superhero story; it’s a testament to Marshall’s indomitable spirit. The “Marshall Man” project represents the true essence of community collaboration. American High, Syracuse Studios, and The Academy at American High joined hands with Make-A-Wish CNY to bring Marshall’s dream to life. Our community gave their time, equipment, studio space, and creativity to make something magical. It’s a story of unity, compassion, and the incredible things we can achieve when we work together.

Supporting Dreams, Creating Opportunities

At The Academy, we believe in the transformative power of film. Marshall’s project aligns perfectly with our mission to provide hands-on film experience to those who might not have had the opportunity otherwise. By supporting Marshall and other young talents, you’re helping us create opportunities, ignite dreams, and inspire the next generation of storytellers.

“Thank you seems very small for the largest wish reveal we have ever done—we are thrilled and honored at our partnership.”

Moe Harrington

Director of Mission Delivery
Make-A-Wish CNY

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